Nykarleby Kraftverk Ab

Nykarleby Kraftverk Ab is a public utility company owned by the city of Nykarleby. We provide services related to electricity, water, sewer and district heating to customers in and around Nykarleby.

The number of electrical connections is almost 5000 and the annually transferred electricity is more than 100 GWh. The 4.5 MVA hydroelectric power plant in the city centre generates about 20% of the electricity needed for Nykarleby and the remainder comes from the jointly owned power plant Alholmens Kraft in Jakobstad, one of the world’s largest bioenergy plants.

The number of water connections is almost 3000 and the yearly water consumption is 800.000 cubic meters. Most of the water is provided by Kovjoki Vatten Ab, a water treatment plant jointly owned by Pedersöre and Nykarleby. The rest comes from our own water catchment. Consumers connected to the drainage are 900 and the amount of sewer water yearly invoiced is about 200.000 cubic meters. All sewer water is transferred to the wastewater treatment plant at Alholmen in Jakobstad.

The district heating operation started in 2008 and was well received in the city. Many of the city’s establishments that consume the most heat are connected to the district heating network. The heat is produced in a 3 MW bio heating system fuelled by local woodchips. Heat produced with woodchips annually reduces the use of oil by over one million litres. The goal is to never let oil exceed 10 % of the total heat production.